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De-Brief from your 1-1  
23rd October 2023

A brief run through of what we focussed on on Monday evening, the main areas I want to try and work through are:

- Core strength, the muscles needed for you to balance your pelvis left and right and front and bag, and also support your lumber spine which likes to over bend rather than stabilise 

- Hip mobility, recruiting the correct muscles slowly to help release the holding patterns and bring these muscles back into he brains focus of movement

- Shoulders, this is where I think you hold a lot of your tension, and the ribcage does the movement rather than shoulders which creates even more pressure across your mid back.

Try doing the shoulder movement we did before bed each night to help the nervous system unravel a bit, do this for a couple of weeks and then check back in, for your hips and core, try doing a small amount a few times a week to help build these up, again start with simple movement to begin with then build from there to the classes below if you can. But don't feel you have to fit the whole class into your day, trying to get one of these classes done in the week will just add to your benefits but they aren't necessary if you are doing the things we did in the session on Monday.

I recorded half the session before we went onto the phone so will add this to here over the next day.

Below are some classes that focus on these areas more than others, remember to take it slow as this will get you there quicker as we want your body to start to trust movement again, and not feel overwhelmed by the process.

De-Regulating the nervous system...Part 2

De-Regulating the nervous system...Part 2

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