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De-Brief form your Alignment Clinic
23rd September 2023

It was so lovely to see you on Saturday and get into the real depths of what might be going on, here's a little bit about what we focussed on.

- Ribcage alignment front to back tilt, when you first sat in the saddle how you held your ribcage was where the top back was significantly further back than the bottom back, this tilt is what you've been trying to "fix" in your pelvis but running up against. As soon as we corrected how your ribcage aligned over the top of your pelvis your leg released and lengthened. This happens when our deep core isn't being activated correctly and the front of our body is longer than our back, you described the feeling as closing the clam when we tucked your breast bone in and brought your upper ribcage more forwards, this to you felt like you were then leaning forwards but instead you were up right. To help improve this we need to build that deep core strength and alignment up correctly and this is what I have included in the videos below for you.

- The sypathtic nervous system is something we spoke about a lot and how we can make sure we are regulating it and not letting it take control of our movement patterns, in all of the classes below this is quietly focused on too so you should feel a difference in your energy and calmness at the end of the sessions.

- Balance work and strength, I've included the video if left and right side as this shows you some of the work we did on Saturday plus a little more, being aware of the feeling we created through the foot with active ankles to stop that inward collapse through your arches. Whilst being aware of keeping your feet facing forwards.

- Leg position, by the end we had really helped your body to find a much more level playing field, I've included a class working on similar exercises that we did around inward thigh rotation to help with the feeling of a long and open leg, this will really help with your fixed ankle and the muscles around it.

By working on these I'm positive you will feel better in your body due to working wont the nervous system, and also feel much more even on the horse.

Don't worry about the amount of videos!!! You don't need to do them all every day, that would be impossible, but like with anything if you can touch on each section a week you will be in a much better position.

Improve your aids by improving your deep core awareness

Improve your aids by improving your deep core awareness

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