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De-Brief form your Alignment Clinic
23rd September 2023

It was so lovely to see you on Saturday and get into the real depths of what might be going on, here's a little bit about what we focussed on.

- Ribcage alignment left - right, something to be aware of is how your ribcage sits over your pelvis on the left to right plane, your oblig=ques are uneven and want to draw your ribcage out to oneside, this effects then how your weight is distributed over your pelvis so when you do the exercises below make sure you are "stacked" correctly.

- Shoulders in the sympathetic pattern, we spoke alot about the sympathetic patterns of movement and your shoulders defineity show this reponse in the videos below I include some specifically for the shoulder and neck area and also some for the down regulating of the nervous system (something you can may do at home with Pip)

- Balance work and strength, I've included the video if left and right side as this shows you some of the work we did on Saturday plus a little more, being super aware of engaging the right muscles over and building strength in your weakened side whilst creating more mobility in the side that has been over compensating

- Leg position, by the end we had really helped your body to find a much more level playing field, but we were aware there was still an imbalance in the left foot, so I have included a leg position video to help those muscles.

By working on these I'm positive you will feel better in your body due to working wont the nervous system, and also feel much more even on the horse.

Don't worry about the amount of videos!!! You don't need to do them all every day, that would be impossible, but like with anything if you can touch on each section a week you will be in a much better position.

Ribcage rotation and mobilisation

Ribcage rotation and mobilisation

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