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Ava's Riding Assessment

Hi Erika and Ava

Sorry for the delay on these here are your riding assessments back


Dec 2023


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Looking at this you are a very neat rider, we just need to work on some habitual movement patterns that have formed in your riding.

The first being he seat and leg aid connection, not allowing yourself to freexe the seat of grip up when using the leg aid.

The next is how the body is balanced in the saddle, thinking about if the stirrups could drop a tad and also how you position your seat int he saddle, trying to aim for the alignment of the ear, shoulder, hip to ankle.

When working on your leg position try not to push your heal down too much, think more of an even weight across the whole of your foot

This carries into the rise, and the canter.

And the arms, work on building b=more bend in the elbow and freeing the shoulder to be able to move your body independently of your hands.

Below are some exercises to help with the leg and seat, have a play and let me know if you have any questions.