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Hi Catherine,

Here's your own page where we'll record all things that we do so you can access at any time


21st September lesson
Catherine 21st Sept

Catherine 21st Sept

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Hi Catherine,

I hope you're all good after yesterdays session, here's the video of it, I will then get round to doing your full rider assessment on Monday and post that here too.

But take aways from yesterday:

- focus on real release when she's doing even the smallest of what you want her to do, and then the pressure is applied when she stops, so it's super clear for her and she can make those decisions. The more constant you are with this the quicker she'll understand, if you watch the video you'll see how at the start there is a tendency to use your leg every stride (I think without realising) but when you focussed on keeping your leg off and still she moved much better and more free

- in your position; start each session without stirrups focusing on the hip mobility and the clear definition of left and right, then play with using your leg to ask for more energy (make sure she gives you that) without clenching your bum or tightening the hips, then work on taking your stirrups back without loosing the freedom of the hips

- You're saddle and your hip flexors draw you into the back of your pelvis and this puts more pressure through her back where she's sensitive, think more down the front of your thigh, toes and pelvis to bring yourself more over her central point of balance, to you it may feel like you are leaning slightly forwards but you'll see on her how it aligns you

- watch when you turn a corner you don't drop back into your inside shoulder but twist through your centre

- with your legs think thigh rotated in, and heals away

below are some classes to help you with this:

Anything out of the legs and feet section as these are all aimed at the position we are working on

And this class fro helping to open the hip flexors


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