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Rider Assessment

Hi Charlotte,

Here's your own page where we'll record all things that we do so you can access at any time


15th June
Rider Assessment 2023
Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte Lewis

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Hi Charlotte,

I'm so sorry this has taken so long, I had planned to do it before I went away but unfortunately ran out of time and like to give them all my attention, so you were first on the list when I returned.

Hopefully the video made sense and you can see what I'm talking about, again if theres any questions please shout.

Seat placement in the saddle

As you can see from the videos, your seat placement has a huge affect over how Ru moves, and I think this is the key to why he may respond in the way he does, this will also be why sometimes its worse, as its led from your pelvis and your pelvis responds to things like stress and what you are doing in your life away from the horses, as well as nerves from being watched etc.

The tighter your pelvis is the more you are likely to land at the back of the saddle, so this is the key area we want to focus on.

As I said in the video the balance board sessions in the academy are going to be where I point you to help fund your central point of balance, you can find these here and these will help you to find the centre of your own balance. Start with session one and only progress to the next session as you master the previous, if you're wobbly stay on it until you feel confident. Do a session a day to help you, the more you can do it the better.

Un-mounted strengthening and lengthening

Short daily sessions working on your hips will also be key, each link below is a weeks worth of sessions, again of you do one session and it's super hard repeat it until it feels easier then move on, try and do them in the order below, each session is about 10 minutes long so try and do one a day ideally.




Pre-Ride exercises

Try and do these at the Strat of each ride to help you get deeper so you can lengthen your stirrups by a whole

These will really help the seat and then once you've got that I think the other things will start to become easier. But I would recommend doing these, then once you feel like you are there maybe booking another assmesnt in a few months time so we can then see where next to focus the work, as by doing these alot will change in a good way so we want to check back in to keep you on track.

Any questions please shout

Megs xxx

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