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Welcome to the quickest way to supercharge your riding improvement, the balance board does a number of things that us riders need to work on to become better at what we love,

- Improves our body awareness and proprioception

- Builds our deep core and pelvis stabilising muscles

- Strengthens our ankles, knees and hips so that we can support ourselves with less pain

- Improves our range of motion, which ultimately improves our mobility, meaning we can sit around our horses with more ease and security


The exercises I have put together in these courses are rider specific, taking into account what we need to be able to achieve as a rider and focussing these sessions on these areas means you get a lot back for a short amount of time, ideally try and do these daily, if you find one session particularly easy you may only need to do it once or twice, but come back to them often, the sessions are put together in an order that builds your competence so try to do them in the order they are designed in, if a session is a challenge don't just leave it there repeat and play with it until your body and mind can do it before moving on.

Times of day, as you do this you'll notice certain times of day, or days of the week, or days of your menstrual cycle change the way you are able to find your balance, this is interesting as this will also affect your riding, so use the things you discover as a way of super charging your riding, if a certain day every month is a wobbly one, then give your horse a day off on that day too, if there are days that feel really stable and your body feels good, those are the days to try new and more challenging things with your horse too. By thinking like this you will be getting the best from your riding time and not feeling like you are battling your body constantly.

Here's the link to the balance board I use:

Balance Basics For Riders

Session 1 - Balance Basics for Riders

Session 1 - Balance Basics for Riders

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