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Session Review

Hi Kate

So good to meet you yesterday, I hope that you got home safe and you weren't too overwhelmed with all the information we went through. To help you I've written up some notes and we can add to this page as we go along so you have a record of all we do.


28th March 2023

Session Summary

We covered a lot in the session yesterday, working out where the basic movement patterns were stemming from and finding ways to imprint new patterns that will aid your riding.

The main areas we focused on were:

- uncoupling the movement of the shoulders and the ribcage

- engaging the deep core through correct alignment of the ribcage and pelvis

- building length and strength into the hip stabilisers

- increasing range of movement for an internal thigh rotation that will help the inside thigh support you more

Unmounted exercises

The biggest take away for work at home was, working on the balance board to help you find that true alignment in balance, practicing breathing whilst focussing and finding the ability to allow the ribcage to stay still whilst the pelvis stabilised. The restriction in this was due to the shoulders being the "strongest" areas so therefore wanting to do all the work. This patterning played through in a lot of the movements where the upper body (shoulders/neck) wanted to take charge and muscle their way through the movement. This is where I would like the main focus to go over the next few weeks, releasing and relaxing this area so that you can then start to work on the deeper core.

Another great and fun exercise is the hula hoop as this creates a separation of movement that is required within in the canter, hooping in front of the mirror here is key as as you can then see what your body and shoulders want to do, your aim is to be able to hoop with your hips whilst your shoulders and ribcage stay still and of course breathe.

The other two exercises I would recommend doing are the reclined over blocks to release the shoulders and some twists before bed to help release the central body. Whilst focussing again on your breathing.

If you wish to do some longer sessions, the area of the academy that's labelled Core & Contact is the best place for you at the movement as all the classes there are aimed at working on the areas of your body that we want to focus on, there are some longer sessions as well as short daily sessions that you can do before or after a run.

Link To Hula Hoop

Link to balance board

Whilst riding

Whilst riding the focus wants to be on the canter, and creating that movement in the pelvis and belly whilst a connection to the deep core is established. The shoulders want to release and soften so you can feel the level of tightness reduce.

Working on your breathing and full body scans whilst you warm up and take breaks.

Focus on creating the connection of ribcage to pelvis through the alignment of the Brest bone and lower spine, as we practiced laying down.

Hope this all makes sense

Any questions just shoot them to me, have a fabulous wedding and honey moon.

Megs xx

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