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De-Brief from your Alignment Clinic
23rd September 2023

It was so lovely to see you on Saturday and get into the real depths of what might be going on, here's a little bit about what we focussed on.

- Ribcage alignment - you have a beautiful; upright position where for front to back your ribcage sits well over your pelvis, but when looking from behind theres a slight drop and shift which creates a curve in your spine and dropped shoulder. This all changes when you switch on your deep core to stabilise, so we have to be careful that even though you can align front to back without too much switch on that we don't not activate, building more strength in the deep core line will really help with this ribcage stabilisation.

- Balance work and strength, you can tel you've been working on your balance work, so now we want to up it a bit with a harder wobble board and also thinking about foot alignment, activation of the ankle and again deep core support. I've included the left to right video so you can now do this with a new sense of awareness, I'd highly recommend doing it infant of a mirror.

- Leg position, by the end we had really helped your body to find a much more level playing field, I've included a class working on similar exercises that we did around inward thigh rotation to help with the feeling of a long and open leg, this will really help with your fixed ankle and the muscles around it.

By working on these I'm positive you will feel better in your body due to working wont the nervous system, and also feel much more even on the horse.

Don't worry about the amount of videos!!! You don't need to do them all every day, that would be impossible, but like with anything if you can touch on each section a week you will be in a much better position.

De-Brief from your Alignment Clinic
21st October 2023

Huge improvement at the session , with the ribcage and the leg position showing particular improvement, now that we have got hose areas's more aligned the weakness through the pelvis was starting to show, aprticualry through the left hip where you use the saddle to support it rather than sitting square on the saddle and activating the hip muscles to help wit stability.

This hip "swing" to the side is what I want to focus on next and getting properly functioning hips, so that you have the ability to absorb the movement through them, this will help with your sit trot too, as well as the support your boy needs for balance.

The top class is the one I'd like you to focus on mainly to start with, whilst still playing with the balance board and also the hula hoop as we practiced on Saturday. 

Stability within movement, optimal function of the pelvis

Stability within movement, optimal function of the pelvis

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