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Dressage Competition

Our monthly Online Dressage Competition, for you to join in and use this as a chance for feedback and practice. 



Entries Close 29th February
(tests will be marked once entries closed and be returned by middle of the next month)

Class One - Intro A,B or C

Class Two - Prelim 1, 7 or 12 (rev 2016)

Class Three - Novice 27 or 34

Class Four - Elementary 42 or 44

You can do as many tests from each class

General Guidance

Tests to be submitted before midnight before the last day of the month, Judging will take place the following week and results uploaded here to this page.

All classes Judged by British Dressage Listed Judges 

Please ensure your test is filmed from C (filmed from turn down centre line to final halt & salute), it MUST BE FILMED IN LANDSCAPE FORMAT & ZOOM APPLIED WHEN THE HORSE & RIDER ARE WORKING AT THE FAR END OF THE ARENA.

Callers allowed at all levels. Any tack and no tack is permitted for these classes, i.e. no noseband, no saddle, no bridle or normal bridle etc

Send completed tests via WhatsApp to 07875 313209 stating date of competition, rider name, class number & test/s being ridden

And most importantly HAVE FUN

Dressage Tests: (Hit the test you want to see the document)

Intro A

Intro B

Intro C

Prelim 1

Prelim 7

Prelim 12

Novice 27

Novice 34

Elementary 42

Elementary 44

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