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Morning Ritual

It's a messy day outside and my practice this morning needed to be grounding and real. No picture perfect shots today, just mad hair and an open heart.

My morning practice is my spiritual prayer, it's my chance to move and breath and open my heart, my body is always so stiff in the morning there's no possibility of pulling off amazing postures, for me my morning practice is about grounding, pressing pause on the already long list of things to to in my head and just allowing myself to open my heart to the day.

Recently I'd not made time to fit this ritual in, I told myself I was ok without it and as long as I practiced sometime in the day then all was fine, but looking back I know it's a must for me, I wake up each day with a list of things to do, my brain swirling at 100 miles an hour and I'm already feeling behind before I've even got out of bed. To sit and breath, to move slowly and to even give myself time on the mat is against everything inside me at that time of day, all I feel I should be doing is getting going.

But to do this is magic, after I've sat my brain is quiet the lists of nothingness drop away leaving only the really important things left on there, my body softens and my need to get going drops to a dull ache, I leave my mat feeling like I've just placed myself into power saving mode and then the day can properly commence, with me fully present in all I do.

As women we pride ourselves on being able to multi task but is that a good thing? Is always needing, to be doing something else healthy? I hate the feeling of being everywhere rather than here but it takes me my morning practice to find where here really is. What's your morning ritual? Do you have one? How can you start your day off in a more mindful way?

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