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Slowing the f*@k down

This week for me has been about slowing the f#*k down.

I realise that I am truly blessed to have the chance to slow down physically but I've more importantly been practicing the mental slow down.

The practice of just focusing on one thing at a time, being fully present and not rushing.

In previous posts I've said about how I've come to realise my life has got chaotic, all through my own need to feel I should be busy, but also mentally chaotic, where even when I'm sitting maybe having a bite to eat I'm running through a million things in my head, that to be honest, 99% of is just utter b-s#*t So my efforts this week have been about putting my phone down when not needed (I've actually had to hide it or leave it behind at points to break that habit), focussing on one thing at a time and making sure I leave myself enough time to do something properly.

I've found as each day has progressed my need to mindlessly scroll through my phone has gone, (I set aside time to enjoy my social media, to really read others posts and to engage, the rest of the time I haven't been on it), my feeling of my mind running a million miles an hour has departed and I feel so much calmer, connected to my true self and awake.

And I've got everything done, and more!!! By slowing down I've become more productive, I've enjoyed everything I've done and I've got to the end of the day feeling satisfied that I've ticked all my "todo list" boxes. Everything I have done I've engaged with more fully and due to this I feel more alive.

So the next part of my practice is consistency, maintaining this vibe throughout my days, I'm going to take one day at a time and practice slowness, because quite frankly I'm fed up of living quickly, and we do have a choice.

This weekend maybe think about how you schedule your time, maybe hide the phone or reduce your scrolling time, start the day with some breathing, end the day with a prayer of gratitude and just be more present, see how your weekend feels by the end of it.

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