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Love your body, its your home for the rest of your life!

My body is definitely feeling the effects of a week of mountain climbs and unusual movement. I'm so proud of it though, it's been so strong, and, for the first time we've been away as our mini family I've been well enough to fully embrace the trip.

I really do love my body and all it does for me and this is a huge statement as for so many years of my life I can quite honestly say I felt the opposite, I had real issues with body image, through yoga I've learnt to love what I have and start to build a relationship back with my body again that's about positive rather than negativity.

Instead of starving myself, brutally working out until I'm broken or berating myself I work with my body to enjoy living and I give thanks to it every time I get on my mat.

Our bodies are our homes and they're the only ones we're going to have so we need to learn to live with them with love and kindness.

If you have a hard relationship with your body, try to think of one thing a day that your body has achieved that you are grateful for and start to build a loving relationship back with your home.

Namaste beauties

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