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Choices, we all make choices every minute of every day and each one of these choices takes us either closer to our true selves or further away.

Even when we aren't aware, each choice either unveils a layer of ourselves to the world or covers us in another shell hiding our shining light from the people around us.

If we aren't connected with our choices we end up disconnecting further from the truth that is us, becoming separate to our own light and feeling more lost in the sea that is life.

Choice is important, without choice we are trapped, imprisoned and unable to live but with choice we have a responsibility to ourselves that we choose carefully, mindfully and with awareness.

Even in the simple choices of what to eat, wear or drink there is a path that allows us closer to ourselves or further away, how many choices to do you make in a day that take you closer to who you really are or are you just mindlessly moving from one decision to another without the realisation of how each choice effects you.

As you connect more you become more aware and as you become more aware the freedom your choices give you opens you up to so much more than you ever dreamed of.

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