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Balance and what it tells us

Recently my balance has been well out, I know this is a sign that in life I'm not balanced either.

When we're stressed our proprioceptors reduce in their ability to understand where we are, this effects co-ordination and balance. Ever feel like you're being particularly clumsy or not spatially aware? This is down to your proprioception and if that's out of whack then it could be a sign there's a rumbling of stress us underneath the calm facade.

One of my clients said I'm rubbish with co-ordination, this may be true for now, but co-ordination improves the more we move our body and re-ignite our proprioceptors. By moving your body in unusual ways you start to get these sensory inputs activated again, re-building the pathways to the brain from the far reaching limbs of the body.

Another way balance is effected by stress is when our muscles are tight or stiff they can't make small adjustments, meaning when you get a bit wobbly instead of the muscles making small movements to rebalance they have to activate in large chunks causing you to over balance the other way!

And here's something else, we always learn to balance by focusing on something, I even teach this in class, but your body has the ability to balance without the eyes, when the pathways of sensory cells are strong and clear the body can balance without you having to stare at something!!! So by practicing balance, we not only improve our bodies natural instincts and re-ignite pathways that have long been forgotten we also destress by having to go inwards and have a little insight to where we are along our journey and how our body and mind is really coping day to day.

My illness has huge affects on my body and in one way it's balance, but I see it as a positive as on the days I can really balance they are the days I'm really in a good place and on top of my body.

How does your body tell you how you're coping with life?

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