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Feet, your feet, the things you expect to carry you around, the area where sensory input of where you are, how to balance your whole body comes in, your feet, your connection step by step with Mother Earth.

How often do you pay attention to them? How often do you give them your time?

Mostly they're crammed into I'll fitting shoes, maybe blistered, maybe sores, they're ignored, just expected to keep going, we disconnect from our feet and as we disconnect from our feet we disconnect from our sense of us.

Your feet have a quarter of your bodies muscles and bones in them, the soles are covered in nerve endings that tell the brain what your standing on and how it needs to balance the body, your feet are hugely important in how you live, how you move and how your body positions itself.

If barefoot isn't your thing outside in public the best thing you can do for your feet is get them out of shoes as much as possible, in the home, garden, under the desk at work. Allow your feet to be naked and exposed, allow them to do what they are designed to do, stretch your feet daily, play an imaginary piano with your toes, massage your feet, connect with them as much as you can.

As you walk feel how your foot moves on the floor, feel your weight distribute across the foots surface, become aware.

Through connecting with your feet you reroot your self literally taking your thoughts from up in the sky back down to earth, you ground, you calm and from there you will be so much more connected with life.

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