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I stopped myself today

Vairagyam (non-attachment)

I stopped myself today, I was practicing with goals in mind and I found myself not going deep inside myself because all I was thinking about was how to get to my goals.

We may say that goals are necessary in order to improve and move forwards in life, but if we push before we are ready or are so caught up in the goal that we forget to enjoy the journey then they are a hinderance.

So often I here "ill be happy when" but that isn't the way to look at things, happiness and peace start now from within. Then and only then can you be truly happy and truly at peace.

My practice today started all about the goals, and not about the journey, so I stopped and breathed, I meditated and came out of my head and into my heart.

And that became my practice today, not the pincha or the handstand or the arm balance, the silence was my practice and now I'm happy.

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