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Quietening the monkey mind

In yoga we learn to focus the mind so eventually it becomes still, no chatter just peace and quiet.

This is what initially got me into yoga, it was the first ever time I'd done anything and not thought about work, to do lists etc whilst doing it, I got off the mat after that session and was hooked. Something that could finally allow me to switch off.

I find balance postures the best for doing that, there is no way you can focus on anything but your body and how it aligns. As soon as you start to think you fall out.

But yoga isn't just about being able to switch off on the mat, it's about training our brains and ourselves to be able to still the mind where ever we are even if there hustle and bustle around us, a stressed office or your horse is trying to use you as a rubbing post whilst your upside down!!

Through learning the skills to quieten the monkey chatter on the mat you can then take them into the environments where you need them.

This is why yoga helps with stress, anxiety and focus.

So whatever you learn on the mat, don't forget to take it off too, breath today, count your breaths maybe or feel the souls of you feet as you walk.

If your boss or colleague stresses you out, sit for a moment, feel the breath re-enter your belly and slow it down.

If you suffer from anxiety, every time you feel the tension coming on, breath deeper, slower and repeat in your head "I am safe" or something that comforts you.

Have a beautiful day yogis .

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