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Be here now

We can do easy get pulled into the future, the plans, the dreams, the hopes, the worries, dragged into the narrative of clocks ticking, times being wasted, life is is moving fast.

But what about enjoying the moment we're in, the pleasure being here now, not getting absorbed into the future or the past but being present, totally and completely.

I've found myself recently being dragged forward, through my own worries about the future but also others projections and perfectly friendly questions that spiral me into a state of worry.

I'm blessed with my friends who listen and bring me back to earth, and I'm blessed with my animals who teach me that NOW is where I need to be, right now, not tomorrow or the next day, not the next year, but now.

It's the journey we're here to enjoy, not the destination and sitting here in my Meadow, surrounded by my animals I realise that, life is about being present here and now, enjoy what your doing and all will come your way, at the right time when it's meant to come.

My practice for today is to stay present, enjoy the day, be in the moment and not to get lost on the thoughts and worries of the future.

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