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Don't get sucked in

It's definitely a day for moving slowly, laying down whenever you can and just pampering yourself in all the lovely cosy things that make you feel happy.

Take a leaf out of Saturns book, and do your own thing, don't get pulled into the mayhem around you, live your own path, and listen to your body.

This is something I massively struggle with, if everyone around me is busy I feel I SHOULD be doing the same, even when my body tells me otherwise. So my practice today is going to be shaped around moving slowly and not getting pulled in.

It's human instinct to raise to the stress vibration, that kept us alive, if someone in our tribe was stressed it tended to mean that the tribe was under threat so it made sense to lift & do something about it. But rarely that is true now, normally someone else's stress is nothing to do with yours, normally that persons stress is an overreaction to life anyway so we have to work hard to stop ourselves from subconsciously getting pulled into the stress too.

Notice when you get sucked in, breathe, and with awareness and lots of loving kindness to yourself and the other people step emotionally out of the stress/busy bubble and walk your own path

Have a chilled Wednesday beauties

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