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Change your perspective and you change your life

How we view things is a choice, we can choose to see them in a negative way or choose to find the positive. There is always an alternative way to view life.

Where someone may see a weed another sees a flower, where someone may see and opportunity another sees a brick wall, a closed door can be a new door to open, that pile of work can be a way of earning money, the job you dread can be your key to unlocking your future, that meeting your putting off could be your next big break….

How we look at life effects how we live, what attitude we attach to things effects how we see them, if we spend our life seeing things in a negative slant we end up living in a negative world, surrounded by negative people and situations, but if we choose to see things with a view of openness, positivity, opportunity, creativity and ultimately LOVE then we make a world for ourselves full of all these things.

Notice what your projecting, how are you seeing life, what you have, what you do, notice what type of energy you attach to it and if it’s not a helpful energy make the choice to change

Yes it’s work, it takes practice, yes you’ll slip up but slowly but surely you’ll delink the pathways on the brain to find the good side of life, and then quickly more good stuff will come your way, until life is awesome again

Monday night thoughts

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