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Sometimes I wonder how life became this good, not to long ago I was bed bound, and before that I was riddled with stress and a feeling of utter exhaustion before each day had started, a want to pull the covers back and not face the day, my illness was rife and I felt trapped, I loved what I did but what I did wasn’t good for me, the universe was screaming at me to change but I just plodded on thinking I couldn’t do anything else. All I knew was to teach riding, all I knew was horses.

And then, the walls crumbled and I couldn’t go on, I sat and broke, I couldn’t see a way out and all I saw was illness, exhaustion and stress. Life wasn’t worth living.

But somehow a tiny bit inside me didn’t want to give up, I found yoga, I absorbed myself in it, and through yoga I found love, love for myself, love for my life, love for living, love for my illness, love for all around. The stillness of the practice allowed me space to listen, the movement of the practice allowed me time to switch off, through writing a gratitude diary, meditating, studying, and practicing I found my way back. I found a new path, a new journey and new way of living.

My wonder of how life got this good is answered, through slowing down, breathing, believing and ultimately through finding love.

Each day I’m so grateful for all I have, my journey, the hard times, the really shit times, the times I’ll never speak about, the times I cried until I couldn’t stop, the times I sat and thought I couldn’t go on, I’m grateful for it all as it all brought me to where I am today.

Teaching beautiful people on a beautiful evening and connecting deeper with life than I’d ever connected before.

Thank you

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