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Manifesting Dreams

Most people’s default when they have a big dream is to not speak about it, incase it doesn’t happen. To not get their hopes up in case they’re not successful or to worry about all the ways that it may never happen. Even when the dream is so close to being achieved people don’t like to speak about it incase anything falls through in the last moment or problems crop up.

I can see why they do this, I was one of them, I’d never get excited about things until they arrived, I wouldn’t believe they’d happen until after they had, I never really spoke about things I wanted because I was worried those things wouldn’t work out, but all I was doing was bringing negative energy into the situations, sending out negative vibes, showing my lack of confidence in the universe.

In order to really receive your dreams you need to be open and positive to what is sent your way, yes we can’t control the future but we can put an energy out there that attracts the good stuff in.

You know the people that are always negative and negative stuff always happens to them, and then there are the people that seem to have it all and are positive with it so more good stuff happens.

Checking out you project your future dreams is important, manifesting positivity is vital and even going so far as seeing yourself in the dream, visualising it like it’s real will send a big HELL YES to the universe that it is what you want.

In essence the whole not committing thing is all about not trusting, not trusting in the universe that it will provide and will look after you.

When I started trusting and believing that all was going to be ok, the universe came through in droves and it still does

Yes the big stuff, the really big stuff that’s where my work needs to go, the stuff that is buried deep, the dreams that are so close to my heart that I need to give up to the universe and trust all will be ok, that’s where I need to work.

Where are you lacking trust, where do you need to do more positive manifesting rather than predicting the worst? Where do you need to believe in yourself and all around that all will be ok?

What’s coming up that you’re stopping yourself from getting excited about “just in case”? What’s sitting on your shoulder worrying you in the future that it’s not going to happen? Recognise and change your view, see it happening, believe the universe will look after you, look for signs that the universe has your back and GET EXCITED because it will happen if it’s meant to & if it doesn’t that means something far better is round the corner

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