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Be Here Now

If there's nothing more than nature and animals teach me is to be present. Nothing in nature ever gets caught in the what ifs, the stories of the past or the worries of the future, nature and animals are all about the here and now

Our monkey brain likes to take us off on stories about what the futures going to be like, it does it so well that we find ourselves getting caught in it like we're actually really there. Sometimes this is lovely when we're imagining the good stuff, but more often than not it's a story of woe and worry, it's a story about how life's going to be hard and the journey more difficult, its worries about money, work or what people are going to say. How many times have you had to have an awkward conversation rehearsed it over and over again, imagined all the horrid things that could happen, worked yourself up about it and then when the ACTUAL REALITY came it was nothing like you'd thought? The energy that process extracts from you and the time taken being caught in this web of stories and made up worlds becomes exhausting. And all along your missing out on the actual world and actually living. Listen to what your projecting, how are you seeing the next few days, months and years panning out, is it all negative worries or positive reinforcements? Because whichever way round it is I can let you into natures little secret, YOU HAVE NO REAL IDEA WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN!! You can only know what's happening right here, right now, the rest is all a mystery.

So you have a choice, live in the maze of tails your monkey brain tells you, live in a state of worry about what may never happen OORRRR live in the moment, be present, enjoy what is right in front of you now, and if what is right in front of you now isn't so good don't get taken on a journey of how it's going to get worse. Be present because life is constantly changing and this too shall pass. And if you are going to project, jump forwards and make up stories. Make them good ones, make them full of your dreams and not your worries, because that's a far better place to live. BE HERE NOW

Happy Sunday beauties

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