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Sometimes its just hard

Sometimes the lessons the universe send us are HARD, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine when your working with your deep inner self, life isn’t always easy even when you’re following the flow.

Being connected with your true self is about listening and learning, and yes whilst we listen ugly stuff may come up, things we don’t like about ourselves or how we dealt with certain situations, but this is all the path, it’s about taking that on board and learning.

Once you start to listen you start to tune in and you’re main effort is not to keep repeating the same patterns, so therefore as each cycle comes round, you learn a little more, life gets a little more bright

But then there are the times where the big shifts happen, a fundamental reorganisation of your inner self, the times where you just cry and cry and have no idea why, where you are utterly exhausted and can’t seem to find that energy, where the universe feels like it’s sending you all hell of challenges and life feels hard, these are the times where the big stuff is happening and you have two choices, you can ignore it, stuff it back down, box it back up, sweep it under the carpet, bury your head in the sand and then wait for it to come again, and an even bigger wave next time, maybe one to knock you off your feet so much that there’s no way to ignore it any longer. OOORRRR you can release into it, believe that if you let go to it and nurture it you can find a path to the other side where life is lighter and brighter.

Even though this doesn’t sound fun, even though this isn’t sweetness and sunshine, it’s all part of connecting deeper with who you are, releasing the old ancient baggage and coming up for air feeling fresher and stronger before, opening your self up is never easy, it’s sometimes really hard.

If the universe is sending you stuff and it’s big don’t hide away, allow yourself to listen, open your heart and mind and ride the wave. Because ultimately whatever is being sent your way is there to teach you and help you grow. Especially when it’s really hard.

Ways to help yourself through, write 5 things you’re grateful for each morning and each night, allow yourself to visualise what your dreams are, see yourself on the other side living them, don’t beat yourself up or stifle your feelings, crying is a natural form of shedding and releasing, trying to “be fine” all the time is not a good place to be, be honest with yourself, what emotions are hanging around, what lessons are you learning, is it a repeating cycle getting stronger and stronger each time? What does the universe want you to shed?

Start seeing what is really there, and you will finally start to release it. There may be a few tears involved, some anger, but ultimately if you fully allow this to release it will be gone forever

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