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New year energies

Some may believe in resolutions and some may not. Some may say start when you want and don’t wait for a particular date in the diary to tell you. But there’s no denying tuning into the energies around you can make it easier, as a lot of people embark on a journey of shedding an old habit or trying something new, and with the universal energy of the full moon sitting above us, what do you want to shift or change in your life?

Tune in deeply, it doesn’t have to be a surface thing, it doesn’t even have to be public knowledge, maybe it’s a subtle shift of focus or a huge leap of faith. Whatever it is use the energies around you and help them to align you with what your hopes and dreams are.

Because as we draw on those energies we become stronger and more capable of achieving all we desire.

So start this 2018 off with an acceptance of being open change, an openness to tune in deeply and a realisation that even the universe is there to help you start on the right note. My focus is still S L O W E L Y and that’s what I want 2018 to be about, slow living and appreciation for all the simple things that surround me. Because ultimately that’s what life is there for.

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