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Message from Enry

‘Enry has a message for everyone....we need to move more!!!

Yes you all know this but how do we do it without carving more time into our day?? After chatting to a client yesterday it came to me, we need to change our daily movements, the simple things, like how we organise our kitchen to standing up to put our socks on. We arrange our houses for ease but this ultimately makes us move less, so here’s some things you can do to help you move more

• put the things you use most in the kitchen on the lowest shelf in the bottom cupboard or the highest shelf above your head, causing you to bend and stretch as you cook • stand up whilst you put your socks on in the morning testing your balance and causing the core muscles to work • put your underwear in the bottom draw so you have to bend over to get your pants on daily • put the remote next to the tv causing you to get up to change the channel or volume • sit on a gym ball rather than a chair at your desk to create a constant balance test for your body whilst you work There’s so many more....comment below with your ideas of how to create more movement in your life without adding more time to your day. Ultimately the more we move the less tight and stiff we get, the less we move the tighter the body becomes and ultimately we feel older before our time. So Enry says let’s get moving!!!!

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