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Lets talk emotions

Ahhh the the things English people refuse to feel!!!

Probably the most common reply to are you ok? “I’m fine”! What does fine really mean? Fine is that grey area that no ones knows but just brushes aside and moves on once the response has been given.

Why do we find it so hard to feel our emotions...emotions are there for a reason, yet we dismiss them, suppress them, bury them, lock them away. Maybe it’s a fear of loss of control? Control? What is that? A lie we tell ourselves that we’ve got it, that we can manipulate life to how we want it?? If we are truthful with ourselves we never really have control...there’s always a greater power that can overcome.

So why not feel what we feel, happiness beyond a smile, sadness that’s so deep it makes us howl, anger that we want to shout and scream, laughter until we hurt, overwhelming emotion that we feel...because feeling is being’s human...and guess’re allowed to feel those feelings, whether they’re dark, light, ugly or pretty, you can feel them you have permission to feel them as they are you.

Let’s stop suppressing ourselves, our loved ones, let’s let go of the word fine, let’s let go of the labels of emotions and just feel...become alive realise how wonderful it is to be a little bit out of our own control!!!

Remind yourself daily YOU ARE ENOUGH and give yourself permission to feel what you feel. And then the emotion will pass quicker it will be felt and move on like a change in the weather or a beautiful sunset, it will be there and then go and then you’ll be ready to feel the next thing.

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