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What's behind the labels?

Animals don’t feel like they have to be anything other than themselves.... They just love, no need to fit in, to create a personality or act a certain way. If they’re happy they’re happy and if they’re sad they’re sad. No alter ego or need to wear a guard, just living life as them selves.

Picture by SEH Photography UK

How often can we honestly say we do that? Do we really actually know what that is, without a label, without an expectation? I’d say I’m pretty honest with who I am, although I wasn’t for many years, but even as I sit here now I know I place labels on myself, and within that label I feel I need to be that person...a daughter, a partner, a horsey girl, a country girl, a woman, a Yogini, an animal lover, a business woman, a lover, a teacher...the labels could go on, but what sits below that label? Who am I really? Who are we? Ultimately we are all humans, and under all those labels we place on ourselves to be individual to stand out but fit in, we are all the same, trying to find our own place in the world around. So just because someone doesn’t do it like you, just because they’re way isn’t your way, or they dress differently or have a different set of labels, this makes them no less or more than you, because ultimately under those labels we’re all the same. This week the world is about love, there’s hearts in the shops and romantic comedies on tv...but instead of getting bogged down with if you’ve got someone particular to love in your life or not, let’s try and open our heart to humanity, let’s see the connections we all have rather than the differences and let’s be more like the animals we share our life with and be open to people whatever their labels. Because isn’t that what love is really about?

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