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Find your path

Ever get that feeling like you’re walking through treacle, that everything seems a little hard? When you are finding your path sometimes you get on the road that’s running parallel to your road, or you get on the bus from the wrong side of the street and head off in the opposite direction... You’re so’re not quite there.

Life shouldn’t be hard, we don’t need to repent our sins or suffer to get to a holy place...we’re already here in this beauty of world surrounded by awesomeness.

Taken by SEH Photography UK

So if it feels like a daily struggle, maybe it’s time to take a new path, change up your journey or just jump on the bus from the other side of the street...

I taught horse riding and ran a business for years, I love teaching, I love horses and I loved my yard...but it always felt hard work, an uphill struggle m, I felt blocked...and then I shifted my teaching to yoga, I now run my own business, I still have horses, but it’s different, instead of feeling blocked I feel open, my pathway feels clear, I feel able to enjoy life and yes I still work hard, but it doesn’t feel like a struggle, it’s fun...and as soon as it stops being fun...I’ll change! Because life is what we make it, don’t wait for it to come good, love yourself enough to make the changes so you can enjoy the life you the end, this life is ours for living...don’t leave it too late!

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