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Have you got the patience to let the mud settle?

To sit a breathe is such a wonderful slow down and appreciate the simplest things.

If you’d have spoken to me three years ago and asked me to do something my immediate response would be I’m too it wasn’t monkey brain was busy yes, but my life was stagnant...not moving forwards. Yet I couldn’t do new stuff, I couldn’t have fresh ideas or integrate new activities, I was stuck, with the same recording playing in my head over and over again...I’m just too busy!

And then I found the beauty of meditation or if you want to call is sitting I learnt to sit! I learnt to focus on my breathe and clear my mind of its chatter, I learnt that I could switch off the thinking process and then I realised something magic...that when I did sit..and my brain was no longer busy...I could see everything clearer, I had space to process, time to do and it was easier to think...suddenly I had the time I’d been searching for.


This saying sits with me you have the patience to let the mud settle...can you sit for long enough for the water to clear and the mud to drop to the bottom and the thoughts to be seen for what they really are?

Are they just mud clouding your judgement and making it harder to see? Or are they the beautiful Chrystals of light that sparkle and light your way?

Do you have the patience to let your mud settle?

If you’re too busy and need to feel calmer...I learnt to sit using the app @headspace I’d highly recommend gave me clarity and a tool I can now use everywhere and anywhere...this #lent instead of giving up something why not add something? Why not add stillness to your life?

Sit each day for ten minutes and see what happens??

I challenge you....

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