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A lesson from the weekend

It’s Sunday and it’s lesson from this weekend...detachment from the material and attachment to love. A hugely heart opening weekend whilst guesting at the amazing retreat with Wibbs and Jenny and surrounding myself with love, love of friends and my new family I realise how lucky I am.

I managed to destroy my car on Friday night and where as a few years ago this would have been the end of a good weekend and huge stress, now I let it go, it’s just material objects that have not soul...the importance is the love that surrounds us, we can work so hard to just get things, put things in our house, have better cars, buy things from amazon and all this is lovely but when it becomes our soul point of living we’ve lost life....the truest most important energy of life is for who we are, for the people around us, for the lives we have, no matter how small we feel they are, we are love. And when we connect with this energy all that once seemed bad and stressful melts away and the positive energy of life shines through.

Because ultimately living is not about seeing the worst in the day but seeing the good stuff, the beauty and the abundant love that is sent our way...and all this come down to the choice of how we see things....what do you choose this Sunday?

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