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Do your own thing....

People say...don’t listen to your own thing...make your own path...yes..they are right but that’s not all of it, sometimes not listening to others is the easiest part! It’s not listening to that voice of doubt, fear, ego or negativity in your own head...that’s the hardest part.

That voice that pops up just as you’re about to commit to something new, and say BUT and then you recoil back into your shell to paralysed with fear or self doubt to go for it.... .....and then you realise whilst hanging out in one of the deepest yoga poses...when that voice pops up and tells you the story of “if you stay here any longer you’ll die” realise, that voice doesn’t tell the tells you a story and it’s up to you if you make that story a reality!! Boom....freedom.... Suddenly you know that just because your mind tells you something it doesn’t mean it’s true...there’s a space...a moments breath...between the thought and the reality...and if you catch that...if you change that moment back into your control you’re free from the control of the fear, the ego, the shadow side, the negativity and you’re open to all new and exciting things. It’s human nature to tell the negative story, it’s what we do, but we don’t need to do it, we can play the positive story instead, the good recording, the good memories, the memories of when we said hi to that stranger who turned into our best friend, the time we too that new class and it was the most amazing experience we’d ever had, the time we found our other half when we didn’t want to go out that night...we can play those stories instead...reminding us that when we’re open to new experiences we never really know what’s going to happen until we actually do it...and so we take back our power and we take a step forward...into the space...into the unknown... This new moon open yourself up to new beginnings, new possibilities and new paths, play the positive stories, remember the good times and see what happens when you start your day with an open heart.

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