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Uttanasana day three

Standing forward fold Day three So now it’s time to lengthen the backs of our legs, but what happens if we can’t place our hands to the floor?? Some people end up reaching and tightening through the shoulder to touch the floor, but instead try popping some blocks under the hands so you’re not straining the back, then work towards straightening the legs. This allows the upper spine and shoulder girdle to relax and the focus to be draw to the legs. When I first did this posture I had to use two blocks to rest against.

Think about how you place your weight over you feet, try to avoid putting all your weight into your heals and effectively leaning backwards, gently rock back and forth until you can feel the whole sole of the foot weight bearing on the floor, this will cause you to activate the muscles down the front of the legs which in turn frees up the muscles down the back to lengthen a bit more. Think about sending your breath to your lower back (kidney area) whilst you’re here to help it to elongate and release, make sure the Head is hanging and not being held.

Gradually remove the blocks or books from under your hands and over time you’ll find you get the same feeling with the hands on the floor as you did with the pile of blocks. When you come to class grab an extra block of you think you’ll need it for your forward folds and have it ready so you get the most from your practice. .

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