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Your True Self

I talk a lot about accessing our true self....the person that sits below all the layers of life that have been placed on top. The person that you used to be before all the sh*t happened. The true you. As we grow we mould and change, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, until we mould a bit too far and loose ourselves, our true self. When I talk about accessing your true self, I talk about reconnecting to who you were before you changed, before you felt you had to conform and before you had labels. When you were young and free and spent Sunday’s playing in the garden or sitting drawing, when all you had to worry about was when your next meal was. What made you happy then? When you only had yourself to please and no idea what “cool” was, what things did you love to do? What hobbies did you enjoy?

When we’re young we think this stuffs going to be around forever and then we go to work, have relationships and life gets busy, the hobbies drop away and we become a human going through life to earn money, to pay for the house that we’re never in because we’re always at work. Priorities change and we loose connection with ourselves. Happiness changes to just relief nothings going wrong and we settle, we settle for second best....but guess what you deserve deserve to be the true you, to do the things you love and to be the person the mini you dreamed of being. My mini me used to sit in ponies fields and smell there smells, grooming them and chilling with them, I used to roll around the garden doing handstands and cartwheels, I used to listen to music and play with art....when I realised I wasn’t my true self I wasn’t far off, I still played with ponies but I didn’t do anything else....I was happy just not to be hassled but I realise now I wasn’t really happy. Now my Sunday’s are spent grooming and cuddling ponies once more, doing handstands and cartwheels in the grass and taking pictures...I’m living out the dreams of my truest self...I’m blessed. What can you do to align with your truest self? What can you fill your Sunday’s with that connect you back to who you were before life took over?

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