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The yoga practice

“Yoga reveals itself when we allow our senses, our intelligence and our bodies to unfold free of self image or any sort of goal or motivation” - the mirror of yoga The pose is never the goal, it’s just part of the journey of self discovery like passing through a town and stopping for an explore before moving on, if we get hung up about a pose and hang our self worth and practice on it, we loose yoga.

As we explore our practice it becomes a fluid string of movement and breath, each pause a chance to connect deep and find out a little more.

So never feel you have failed at a pose, you’re not very good at it or you’re doing it wrong, this is all the modern worlds rules being placed over you to guard you from the true experience of yoga. You’re never doing it wrong as long as your allowing it to unfold, some days the pose will be there, some days it will not.

But to show up on your mat and breathe is all that Yoga asks, what you do from there is a sweet exploration of your own inner self

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