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We're not all the same

I had a timely reminder of this today when I had a play @milliedobiepilates amazing studio in Halesworth on her awesome reformers.

We discovered my pelvis is rotated backwards anteriorly which explains so many things, we also discovered that where I thought my pelvis was level it is still very much twisted.

These features within my skeleton, although not obvious to the eye when you first look, do show up in my yoga practice, I find forward folds hard, I feel blocked in my lower back all the time and when I’m back bends I find I collapse into my mid back.

These differences were probably caused by the many horse riding accidents I have had over the years, and never getting physio afterwards. Over time the compensation as turned into a way of being and everything has jammed up.

So when I Flow, this is why I don’t get too caught up with what the pose looks like, if I constantly got angry at my posture I’d loose faith in my practice.. I know where I need to open up, and now I know why, I can understand why it’s taking longer.

Because we are all different and have had different journeys we can’t compare ourselves to others, our bodies are like maps of our past, with markers and scars of our journey. We can’t be disappointed or feel frustrated, We are what we are, what we can do is learn to accept ourselves, and work with it.

Yes, with the ultimate goal of feeling better but without the pressure of forcing what’s not ready to unlock.

Since beginning Yoga, I have become so much more open through my back and pelvis, but there’s still a long way to go, the good thing is, it’s a life time of work, I’m in no rush and I know my body will open when it’s ready.

So my lesson from today.......Love yourself, know that we are all beautifully unique, and our scars are what makes us who we are....

Have a gorgeous weekend everyone.

PS if you have a specific injury you want to work on Millie’s your lady, with her equipment she can help pinpoint the location and give specific exercises.

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