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Positivity...for those who have read the secret or anything to do with Gabby Bernstein you’ll know that in order to attract the good stuff in life you need to send out good vibes.

But for those that have missed these books here’s a brief kick up the big to sort out your way of thinking...

Imagine being around someone who is constantly negative, they never see the good in anything that happens and when some thing does go right they will always find something bad about it, every time you do something they’re not happy for you and you’re constantly having to show them what’s good about the world...what are you going to feel like when you leave them??? Bright shiny and full of life? I doubt it, you’re going to be exhausted and maybe even negative yourself, that time spent with them has pulled you down not lifted you up.... So what if that person was the voice in your head? And you can’t get away from them? You’re going to be constantly exhausted and have a feeling of endless negativity. Next question, out of the people you know, the successful ones in life (I.e the happy ones) are they a positive person or a negative person? When you speak to them do you get inspired or dragged down? So you may say, well they would be positive because everything is going well for them, but I disagree, it’s through the state of gratitude and positivity that they have found happiness not the other way round. If you constantly send signals out that life is rubbish and it owes you something life will be rubbish, but if you look for the good things, start off small, and then build yourself up, you will find that life changes. Good stuff will start to arrive and you’ll be open to welcoming it in rather than looking for what could go wrong.

Positive people aren’t naturally positive, it has to be worked at, is a practice, each day I stop and make sure I think of all the things I’m grateful for, if I catch myself morning I stop and say to myself all the things that are good, as if I feel negativity seeping in I consciously draw positivity back. We have a choice in life, to see things from the side of Light and love or from the side of shadow and darkness.

It is a choice, what’s yours?

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