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The "f**k Me" pose!!

Oooosh we went deep tonight, deep into those hips.

When I first started yoga I used to watch you tube videos and the watchers would say, “oooh that’s a lovely stretch”, as I was swearing and thinking how on earth is that a lovely stretch, it’s killing me!! But then I learn about the release after the stretch, the rush of energy sent through the body as you unblock those lines, the feeling of being opened up from inside out and given a good strong massage whilst you’re at it.

Now I find myself thinking, yummy rather than ouchie and that’s when the moment turns, when you actively seek the strong stretches rather than avoid them.

Yoga is a journey a journey from finding everything “bloody hard” if it’s not the posture it’s the ability to quieten the mind and of it’s not the mind it’s the body, and then as you travel along that journey gradually it the path starts to clear and the space is made, it’s easier to travel along and you want more.

So if you’re at the start don’t give up, keep walking one step at a time, one breath at a time and gradually the path will start to clear and what once was a “f*#k me” pose becomes a pose of love and you move on.

But it’s practice of patience, it’s a practice of a lifetime and it’s a constant journey. And I promise you, it’s amazing what you learn along the way.

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