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I breathe in the sweet smell of earth, my roots travel deep into her core and I take her strength and feed it through my soul, like golden threads of life. This is my wild, my moment of total uninhibited humanness, I found myself hesitating before removing my shoes and walking on sweet Mother’s earth, the societal layers holding me back, but then I buried my hands and feet and felt connected once more.

I’ve come to realise I need this rawness in my life, even for just a moment, it reminds me of who we really are, what is really important about life and inspires me to keep stripping back the layers.

After practice we just stand, breathe together, my other pony comes to join and we have a moment of stillness, each feeling each other’s hearts beats, each aware of the breath, pure life, no expectations or judgements just three souls standing as one held by Mother Earth and witnessed by nature. And then it’s home for a shower, and to get on with human life, but with a clarity in my heart that wasn’t there when I awoke this morning.

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