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Climb a tree

Climb a tree every day....... ....not actually but do something that makes you focus 100% Do something that takes your concentration completely, something that you can’t look at your phone doing or speak to another person because of you do you’ll f*^k up.

When we focus totally we’re in The Flow, an energy that’s so totally overwhelming it takes you away from your daily life and into another space, this is a form of meditation and is great for clearing the mind of the chit chatter and finding focus.

But it needs to be all consuming and as soon as it becomes mundane or easy you need to do something else.

So for some this may be working on your handstand, for others it may be reading a book, for some it maybe learning a new skill and for others it may be climbing a tree.

But for ten minutes a day, do something all consuming where you don’t think about time, where you don’t think about this little box, where you just do.

For me it’s leading a class, it’s all consuming and totally another level of consciousness, by the end I have no idea where we’ve been or what I’ve said, what I do know is I haven’t thought about anything other than the movement and the breath and the people in front of me. FYI that’s why there’s never any pics of my classes, I never think about my phone to pic it up to take any.

I’m blessed this is “my job” I do it up to 6 hours a day and it feels totally freeing, but for some you may only be able to do something for ten minutes. So what’s your tree? What’s your thing you do that takes you away from the world and brings you back to Earth?

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