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What is yoga?

What is yoga, I was asked today.

Yoga is a practice of “bringing together”.

Bringing together all that has been separated. From the simplest disparity of the mind and the body to the separation we experience between who we really are and who we have become.

Yoga is a practice of bringing it all back together.

The practice we do on the mat is called asana it is the part of reminding us of our bodies, of learning to focus the mind inwards and of stripping back the layers that cause disconnection.

The practice we do off the mat is our practice of bringing back together the rest of our lives, from monitoring our ways we deal with rubbish to our thoughts about others and ourselves.

Yoga is a way of living not just a weekly practice on the mat, but that’s where it starts for some, for others they are natural yogis I their way of thinking.

But for your practice this week, think about what you’ve become disconnected with and each day take a step towards bringing it back together. That’s how we can all achieve #yogaeverydamnday By choosing to work towards bringing it back together.

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