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Yoga Sutra 1.3 for the modern world

Then the soul resides in its true nature This Sutra explains that the deep inner self or soul is the very essence of the person. It’s only when you still the mind that the soul can truly shine, when you remove the stories you tell about yourself and others and the reactions and triggers to people around. The true self is the you before the layers of life were placed over you, these layers distort and change our awareness of who we really are. The soul is the ancient energy that you carry through lifetimes, it is your internal compass, your guide through the ages towards your true dharma (destiny). The ripples and waves of the mind cloud your ability to see and feel your soul. Only when the mind is still can the vision be clear and the soul shine through. When you’re on your mat and the focus is on the breath a stillness of the mind settles over you, this is the window to your soul, it’s here that you feel your true energy, and gradually the more you practice and let go of the layers the more your true self comes through.

You may find when you leave the studio you feel more able to see what you want from life, or decide to not follow certain paths, people find they let go of habits that no longer serve them or take up new hobbies or ways of living.

This is all due to the practice of letting go of the layers and honouring your true self. And this Sutra explains when you do this, then you will be at peace.

Through trying to be something you are not, this is where the rub is, where stress and illness develops and where life gets exhausting. By following your true path, life opens and becomes easier, yes it may be hard to start with, to change, but gradually a peace settles as the mind isn’t battling the soul any longer and the two work as one.

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