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Keep on learning...

No matter how much you are gifted, or talented, or how high up the levels you’ve come with your knowledge, the yoga sutras teach us that we must continue to open are minds to learning, to practice, to exploration.

So commonly we do something until we feel better and then stop, only to feel worse again a few months later. We must continue to practice to maintain that feeling.

People who are talented or gifted stop learning, feeling as if they will succeed on their talents and that’s it.

The yoga sutras teach that as soon as we stop, we may succumb to falling backwards or stagnation. If we open our lives to learning, to practice, we open ourselves to constant growth.

I absolutely love learning, in both my riding career and my yoga life I actively search out more knowledge, go for trainings and continue my growth. My belief is you never stop learning, you’re never to good to not learn.

The more you learn the more you realise there’s so much to learn, the more you practice the more you realise there’s so much to practice.

The yoga sutras back this up, stating that even the highest sages, the gifted gurus still must practice and never know everything.

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