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Yoga Sutra 1.4 for the modern world

“At other times the soul identifies with the fluctuations of the consciousness” This Sutra explains how when the mind isn’t balanced the soul can easily hide beneath the layers of instability and can seem to take on the form of the fluctuations. This is where through the layers and labels of life you can easily loose your true identity and end up identifying with other influences. This Sutra is a relevant reminder in today’s world where we get pulled in different directions, being told to be some one, something, dress this way, do that job, like that hobby, date that person, feel this way about your body, think like this and so it goes on. As these layers are placed over the soul we can’t feel our true self so we end up following the paths given by others. This Sutra can be a warning that if we don’t stop and connect with our true self regularly by stilling the mind and quietening the body we will end up living someone else’s life and not our own. “If you say “I am a mum” you have identified with a label and an expectation of what a mum should be, if you say “I am a teacher” you have identified with the labels and expectations of what a teacher is, your qualifications your job. If you say “I am a millionaire” you have identified with your bank balance. But none of these identities are your soul, without these identities and labels who are you? When you get to there you start to reveal your true energy of your soul and you can let it shine.

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