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Yoga Sutra 1.8 for the modern world

Wrong understanding, mis-conception or incorrect knowledge from an inaccurate source taint the consciousness. This Sutra reminds us that incorrect knowledge can have detrimental effects. This may be knowledge that has been passed on or a misunderstanding from ones self.

Depending on what mindset we are in, we can easily misinterpret something.

When a text or email arrives if we are already wound up, feeling depressive or attacked we may read the message as an attack and conclude the wrong thing. Tainted by other people’s opinions we may see an emotion in a situation that isn’t there or view someone in a certain way because of what someone else has told you about them.

This Sutra warns that if we aren’t aware of how each thought can manifest itself it can easily cloud our judgement, change our character or distort our way of viewing life.

It teaches us to be careful who we listen to, only form opinions of people by what you have seen, if you aren’t in a good place mentally don’t form opinions at all. Most importantly recognise when you have misjudged a person or situation, own it and learn from it, so you don’t continue to live in its shadow.

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