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What does your monkey brain say?

What does your monkey say? Our minds speak constantly to us, hey most of the time it’s not useful and it doesn’t make us feel good. This narrative is what I call your monkey brain, have you ever noticed it? What does your monkey say?

Whatever it does gives you an energy and that energy is put out into the world, if you’re monkey is always putting you down, lacking belief and placing barriers in your way, that’s all that is going to happen, barriers will be placed, people won’t believe in you and you’ll find yourself being put down. But what if your monkey brain had your back? What if it boosted you up, told you how amazing you were, how you could achieve anything? Told you to go get them...told you to never hold yourself back...told you you are loved and safe and held and to never be afraid?

What if that was your constant narrative? Can you see how that would make you feel? How you would approach life from a place of love?

Believe it or not you have a choice as to what you monkey says, you can train it, you can work with it and you can practice with it.

Each time your monkey goes to tell you a negative thought, you pause breathe and find a positive one to replace it. You inhale love and exhale that fear!

Behind every negative narrative sits fear, and as soon as you recognise that you can work with your monkey to find love. Once you find you can start to see what your monkey is saying and change it then you can truly start to manifest the life you want, you can talk openly about how awesome your life will be, with your monkey backing you up all the way. You can tell people about your dreams, you can let go of that fear.

With your monkey on your side you can give yourself a pat on the back and know you’ve done the best job you can do and then you’ll always be winning.

So this week, listen closely to what you monkey is saying, and when it starts to turn against you, Yale a breath, inhale love....exhale fear and get the monkey back on your side.

Manifest your awesomeness and see where you go....

Happy Monday’s 19 degrees out and that makes me happy!!

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