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What is your definition of success?

“Love people and use things, because the opposite never works out” - @theminimalists

What is your definition of success? This word keeps coming into my radar and it’s an interesting concept. What do you see as a successful life? Is it a figure that you earn? Owning a certain size house? A car? A brand of clothes? A handbag? Or is it something deeper? A state of mind, an energy you have inside? In today’s world success is mainly placed on the value of things. We know longer are known really for what we do, we’re known for what we conversations...oh it’s that person they live there...they drive that...they wear this...when we’re in a career it’s never what we’re doing now that’s truly on peoples mind, it’s always what we’re going to do next, how are we going to further ourselves, hey better, move on. But what’s it all in pursuit of? What are we chasing?

An old adage: A man was sitting outside his house one day enjoying the sun, and a young man walked past, “sir you sit there everyday, why don’t you do something with your life” the man asked. “Like get a job?” “Work harder?” Said the older man? “I work hard enough to live in this house and I enjoy sitting in the sun” the younger man said but you could get a bigger house, a nicer car, you could go on holiday more. The older man replied, “I’d work harder and harder to earn more money to eventually retire and do what I’m doing now, to sit in the sun and enjoy!” We can chase and chase this vision of success only to end up back where we started, where we were most happiest. But along the way we’d have missed out on life, on loved ones, on relationships and on living.

So when you think of success, ask yourself what does it bring into your life? And then do the thing that makes you happy, not the thing that’s going to earn you the most money, so you can eventually retire to do the thing that makes you happy, just a bit older and a for less time.

So ask yourself again, what’s your vision of success?

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