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Yoga Sutra 1.7 for the modern world

Clarity of the truth gives correct knowledge, this can only be gained by studying sacred texts, first hand experience that isn’t clouded by external emotions, learning from reliable testimony or by reading or listening to the facts. We frequently gather our knowledge by a mixture of these mediums, but this Sutra reminds us that the ideal way to discover or learn something is through first hand experience. If this is not possible you may infer something, for example if someone turns up at your door soaking wet you will assume it’s raining outside. This is through past experiences, but may not always be correct.

The other way to learn is from a trusted source, this may be ancient holy texts but isn’t he modern world could be a book, website, database. You must know you can trust the knowledge this knowledge will affect the way you perceive the world.

The worlds media is proof of this, if you trust and read a certain newspaper or listen to a certain news channel you will here a story angled in a certain way, if you Never look else where your beliefs, knowledge and ultimately judgement will be skewed towards one way.

This Sutra teaches that it is important to try and learn as much first hang as possible, but if you are reading listening and learning you must trust your sources, as the way we learn and what we lear as fact affects our whole personality and perception of the world.

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