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What is your yoga practice...

Seriously grainy clip of my brief practice this morning, you don’t need to dedicate a whole hour each day for practice, sometimes ten minutes grabbed between meetings can be even more powerful than an hour when you have the space.

It’s in the moments of busy when we most need it, a daily practice doesn’t have to take up 7 hours each week, it can take 70mins in a week...10mins a day of breath and movement. 

Just put your favourite music on and’s such a powerful release of locked energy. 

I’m wobbly today after having a celiac reaction but movement and breath still feels amazing...even if only for ten minutes. So make a promise to yourself, ten minutes of self care a day this week....a thought of gratitude and a breath and see how much lighter your life feels.

The most important thing is you connect, you keep coming back to connect, as @gabbybernstein you have to do your work to stay at a 10, it doesn’t come to us for free, if you don’t keep doing your work you’ll end up an 8 and then a 6 and then suddenly you’ll feel rubbish and wonder just have to keep coming back. A few years ago I had a complete “why do I HAVE to do this to feel good” moment!!!! A total teenage strop, a total ego mind...I stopped practice and guess what I got ill. I then had a strop that I’d got ill!! I hated the fact I couldn’t just have it handed to me on a plate.

I had to shift my perception...dramatically...I learnt to love it again, instead of practice feeling like a chore it become a joy, instead of feeling like I had to I changed to saying I choose too, but most of all instead of feeling like I had to dedicate an hour on the mat to my practice and nothing else I started to live yoga, my life became a moving prayer, I looked up, I breathed every time I walked, I turned my life into my practice and suddenly I found the space and the health I hoped for without the effort.

So don’t feel your only a yogi if you get on your mat for an hour a day, some of the most amazing yogis barely sit on a mat, they just live their practice day in day out. 

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